Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flower Swap

OHHH this was fun!  I am participating in my first ever flower swap run by Elysia at  She matched me up with a partner Amy Yingling at  I am new at this so I was a bit nervous, yikes!  Anyway put the flowers in the mail today I hope she likes what i made... Here they are:

made with cricut

I dyed the white zipper trim to get the other colour!

This is my new signature piece!

ha fuzzy trim I love it, i bought alot of this gotta love a sale!

There are two of these

made with cricut 

I did not make a box to put them in, i was pressed for time, sorry Amy, but I did make more than the 12 that were required!  I have to say this was all really fun and I will for sure to this again.


  1. They're all gorgeous Steph!! Your partner will be drooling over them I'm sure!! Great job!


  2. Wowzers!!! She is going to love them Steph!!! I have swapped with Amy before. She is a great swapper!!!

  3. I checked her blog ans she did this beauty box too, I feel bad I didn't do a box :(

  4. Wow, these are fantastic! I'm sure she's going to love them!