Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Scrapn with Flair

Embellishment Idea Binder!

Oh wow this is exciting this is my first post for Scrapn’ With Flair!  I am even a bit nervous…wow!  Anyway nice to meet everyone I am a new member of the fabulous design team.   The team has all been diligently working away on some fun stuff with the FABulous June kits but I cannot share that with you yet!  Shhhh!
I attended Scrapfest in Kitchener, ON and took an Embellishment class taught by Caroline Lau.  Caroline is the the co-founder of Maya Road, and I just love everything they touch!  In Caroline’s class we created an embellishment idea binder using Maya Road products.  The binder came with 6 pieces of chip-board but we only used 4 (both sides) for the class.  Using the two leftover pieces of chipboard, the snips of leftover supplies and a touch of inspiration from Caroline, the following pieces are what I came up with!
.Side view of the binder
Above is a side view of the binder, it is made of acrylic and stands on its own, the pages are made of chip-board so they are sturdy and easy to work on.
If you have ever worked with zipper strips, then you will know they are a ton of fun, if not I highly recommend it!  Basically you use hot glue and a round piece of chip-board approximately 1″ to 2″in diameter, the larger the circle the larger your zipper flower will be.   You make a small spiral at the end and pince it with your fingers (this will be your centre of the flower) then hot glue that to your chip-board.  Then continue to wrap the zipper around the centre gluing it every 1/2 inch.  When you have completely covered your chipboard you tuck the end under and done!  So easy!  Watch your fingers on the glue…ouch!  I mounted this to a crouched flower and then to kraft shape.  Added some vintage pins….love those and done!
For this page I used some leftover vintage measuring tape and created this flower in a very similar way as I created the zipper flower ( seriously ouch on the hot glue tho, be careful!).  Then I added some other fun stuff I picked up at Scrapfest!  I coloured the “xoxo” chip-board with Smouch accent paint and also drew the heart on the wood shape in the paint as well.  Then I added liquid glass to the letters (ha – make your own epoxy’s WOW) The best part is that with the metallic shine of the Smouch paint the liquid glass ( or diamond glaze…. tomato – tamato) really makes it shine!!
And now it gets crazy…I decided to create another flower using the same basic technique as with the measuring tape flower, this time with burlap.  The burlap looked a little yucky in the centre so I wrapped a wood shape in burlap to create a burlap button and placed it in the centre.  Sooo much fun making embellishments, but I still had one more page so…
I had been saving bread tags (just one of those weird things you think you might need when crafting) so off to my stash!  I arranged them and hot glued them down…um ouch! I added a button and a Maya Road flower, and some ribbon to complete the look.  I like this one the best!
Until next time… Happy Scrappin!


  1. Awesome job Steph!! I love everyone of the flowers you made and am inspired to grab my glue gun.....carefully.....and get cutting and gluing!! You rocked it!!


  2. What STUNNING flowers! I love how you added them all to a little book, so fun! I really hope you will be making some for my blog's NEWEST MONTHLY swap @
    Oh and P.S. WELCOME ABOARD! <3

  3. Yay Steph that looks super fun!