Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Some Cards for my awesome Dad's

I am fortunate to have two wonderful Dad's in my life!  I know Father's Day is kinda outdated now, but I have not actually seen my fathers to give them their cards yet!  So its not out-dated to me!  Yay this weekend I will see both of them!  My father who mainly raised my brother and I, has always been been my "go-to" parent, I love him dearly and although he is a very busy man, we always pick up where we left off, and when I need to talk he is always right there, even if that means we talk by phone!  He has always supported my decisions, even if he did not agree they were the best ones.  He has always been there "no matter what", truly that is what makes him my AWESOME DAD!

This is the card for Step-DAD, I love him dearly as well and for different reasons.  Entirely due to me, we had a rough start a long time ago, I made it hard for he and I to get close.  He was persistent on being the great guy that he is and we are now friends.  He has been a wonderful support for me thru think and thin and he is one heck of a Grandpa to my children.  Thanks GG!

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