Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Paisley May

I Little Digital fun, I had not created a digital layout in a while soo I thought I would brush the dust off and put one together!  This is our new puppy, she is already much larger than what you see here, like three times bigger! But this was taken a few days after she came to our home.  We were really tired the first few weeks I forgot how hard it is to function on so little sleep , but happily for everyone she sleep thru the night now, well mostly sleeps!  The children all seem to really enjoy her, and all our our neighbours like to comment on how big she is getting.  She loves to play with her toys, only barks at our cat Lily when she wants to play with her.  She makes a small whine for attention and to go out to pee, she is a great dog and we are really happy she is part of our family! :)

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